Want The Same Steps Our 7 Figure Fitness Coaches & Gym Owners Use to Consistently Land High Value Clients?


“A great coach who doesn’t understand marketing is set to get his or her ass kicked by a mediocre coach who does”…Anonymous

Knowing who your ideal clients are and then marketing to them seems like a pretty straightforward task, right?
Yet, research shows an alarming number of fitness coaches and gym owners are struggling and losing clients faster than they can acquire newer ones. This is alarming, especially given the percentage of the population plagued with costly health issues, most of which could easily be fixed with a “well thought through” health and fitness education and accountability.




How would you like to dominate your market and be found above all your competitors online?
How would you like to have a reliable way to generate a flood of new clients every single month without ever having to compete on price?
Can I show you how we help our clients boost their membership and retention rate for their fitness coaching business at a ridiculously cheaper cost?

If you answer YES to any of the above…

I’ve got good news for you!

For a very limited time I am offering a custom tailored digital marketing strategy for selected fitness coaching businesses.

I’d be happy to show you everything I know. Schedule your Free Consultation below

You’ll get to have a 1 on 1 with me for 45 minutes and I will personally look at your market, your business and your competition and then create a custom digital marketing plan highlighting EXACTLY what your business should be doing to dominate your market and stay ahead of your competitors….

So, you might be wondering…why the heck would I want to use my precious time to create a Custom Made marketing plan for you for FREE? 

The Simple truth?…..With my experience, there’s a very good chance that I can get you 15-30 “top notch” high end clients on a consistent basis, considering the exploding global demand for great fitness coaches in a society plagued with alarming health problems. I work exclusively with fitness coaches, personal trainers and gym owners (and recently added dentists to our clientele list).

I use my expertise as a practicing pharmacist with digital marketing consulting experience to help ethical fitness coaches and gym owners make more so that they can give more. I help them acquire and engage the right clients through Ethical Principles of Persuasion using digital marketing as a vehicle. My desire and choice to work exclusively with fitness professionals stem from my 20+ years of experience working as a pharmacist and seeing the impact a good knowledge on fitness, health (spirit, soul and mind) and wellness have on the outcome of lives I’ve had the privilege of serving.

And If you find value in the help I give you, there’s a chance you might want me to manage your marketing campaign!

That said, I want you to fully understand I’m not going to launch into a sales pitch in disguise. No pressure or pestering in any way, shape or form.

As a matter of fact, if you reckon that I’ve wasted your time after our chat, I would gladly refer you to one of my competitors.

But, Hold on a Minute! There’s a caveat..

I’d like you to know I can’t help everybody… I can only be of benefit to those fitness coaches who are:

1- Ethical and diligent
2- Already working with some clients
3- Willing to think (& do) outside the box
4- Already investing in their marketing
5- Wanting to take their consulting business to a Seven-Figure annual Income level.
6- Able to help the clients I help them get.

NEXT STEP: Apply Now to See If You Qualify

If you are ready to close more sales consistently every month and boost your retention rate..

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