How to Attract High-Ticket Clients Even if You Have No Ads Budget and Need Testimonials

Tips To Acquiring High-Ticket Clients For Business Experts Selling Coaching, Consulting And Services

💡ProTip #1- The Facebook Profile Facelift.

Use your Facebook profile as a digital business card.
Make it look trustworthy and professional.
The reason? [That 1st impression counts whether we like it or not] People will always naturally check you out through your profile first!


1- Create a Simple “Clutter Free” Nice Cover Image
Canva is a great place to create a simple and yet catchy professional cover. No techy skill needed ..Seriously. Mention your expertise and how you help your ideal client.
You can create a few different images you can rotate periodically.
2- Use a simple representative profile pic
You are your best sales rep! So, use a photo of you that looks decent and professional.
Your look should reflect someone who is able to confidently lead a client from their pain point to their ultimate goals. That’s expert and authority positioning.
[For God’s sake, don’t use a funny pic from your high school that makes you look silly! Save that for the newsfeed😊]

3- Edit you BIO
Describe who you help and the problem you solve. Your description should cause your ideal client to raise their hands and say “yes! That’s me”.
Here’s a template you can use- [I help (your ideal client) achieve (their desired situation) without (an activity they hate).

4- Create 2-3 pure value posts.
Create on your FB profile, at least 2-3 posts that are related to the problems you solve for your clients or the results of their desired goal. CAUTION- This needs to be relevant to your target audience.


💡ProTip #2- The Facebook Hangout

Join Relevant Facebook groups.
With the right Facebook “FB” groups, you can find your ideal clients and position yourself as an Expert by providing value through your engagement in the groups. Sharing relevant value will attract a decent number of potential clients to your “already optimized” profile page.


• Join Relevant Facebook Groups
Search for Facebook Groups based on specific keywords relevant to your niche. An Example- if you’re a consultant for Chiropractors, just search on Facebook for “Chiropractor” or “Chiropractor owners” and join all relevant groups.


• Start Engaging With Members in These Groups
How do you engage again?

– By being active in the group- Start liking, commenting and posting in these groups. Respond with pure value to questions relevant to your skills and expertise and genuinely help these people.

– Expect a couple of outcomes- they will start adding you as a friend OR you can request a connection with those who have ENGAGED with you 😊

• Post 1-2 Awesome Value Posts in These Groups
News Flash ⚡- An Awesome Value Post is what will transform you from an “average” member of the group into an AUTHORITY and EXPERT!

Post at least one massive value post in these groups
Per week and give a ton of value in it.Don’t be scared to give your best stuff! The more you give, the more it circles back to you, in one way or another😊
Guess what is Most likely to happen now? A number of members of these groups will start adding you to friends and the ones who want more of what you have will invariably reach out to you.

Don’t forget to check all those that have engaged with your posts and friend request them too.
When you get a lot of people from these groups to your friends list, up your swag once more and start providing value also on your profile. [and you can promote your product or services on your property, right😊]

WORD OF WISDOM- Do NOT add any links to your posts or ask someone to private message you. It’s not worth it to get your ass banned from the group😊. Just provide pure value..

💡ProTip #3

Create Your Own Group.
When you create your own group, you’ll be able
to grow your own community of people who really need your help and
be able to establish your voice and authority in your niche.
News Flash: You do NOT need thousands of people in your group to make $$$.
First promote your group on your personal profile.


• Create your own group in your niche
• Careful when naming your group. Make it relatively specific so that it only attracts your ideal clients. Example- if you help Real Estate people, then you should add something about real estate in the name.
• Make an attempt to POST in your group every day [you determine how often but just be consistent] • If you can, try and do live videos, welcome new members and start helping people in your group.
• You’re probably asking yourself- “So what type of content should you be posting”?

– Survey
– Content
– Offer
– Cast Study Testimonial
– Personal Life

• 💡ProTip #4- Offer Your Services

– How do you do that!
– By turning your product or service into an “IRRESISTIBLE” Offer.
– NEWS FLASH⚡! To get a client, you need to make an irresistible offer.
– If you follow all the above ProTips, you will have a sizeable traction. You’ll start getting messages from interested folks, friend requests, asking you questions in your group…Offer those interested a free 30 mins strategy call and sell your services to them IF they are a good fit.
– If you know, without a doubt that you can truly give them valuable help, then it’s your obligation to do that! [One of the Ninja secrets of successful 7-8 Figure entrepreneurs]



• Try to create at least one offer post per week. You do this in your own group or on your own personal page.
• NEWS FLASH⚡…Don’t do it in other groups.
• Include a simple call to action (CTA) in your content and case study posts. Make it simple for your ideal prospect. Example- Ask them to send you a message on FB if they need more help. Then get them on a strategy call and offer your services, if they’re a good fit and you know you can help them.
• WORD OF WISDOM— Don’t be afraid to refer them to someone else who might be a good fit for their requirements, if you can’t help them. Don’t be selfish😊



An ethical and legit way of how to attract your ideal clients and get them knocking on your online door for help!
Just truly help others by providing amazing value bombs ..

And guess what!

You don’t even have to promote your services! You’ll find out that a certain percentage of those who are interested will contact you for more help.
So, when starting out on your journey as an entrepreneur and you don’t have adequate resources for an Ads budget  or even a funnel, you implement this strategy to acquire your first few ideal clients fast.
After you make some cash, get yourself an upgrade and get automated funnels in place and SCALE that SUCKER [aka- Client Acquisition].
If you find this post valuable, comment and like. Feel free to share if you like😊 See Ya Next time👊

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