Why Accountants Should Offer A Financial Awareness Course To Small Businesses

Benefits of Creating your own Digital Financial Awareness Course or Program to help Small Business Owners leverage their financial Situation

I had an interesting conversation, recently with an accountant about the importance of having a structure to regain your superpower as the accounting expert who is a trusted advisor and consultant [Not just a specialist in crunching numbers & compliance].

A lot of small business owners typically see hiring an accountant as an added cost rather than a great asset or investment. Do you blame them? Well, I don’t! I recently stumbled on the result of a survey about small businesses in Canada. Guess what… a STAGGERING percentage said they make a lot of business decisions based on their gut instincts because they don’t have easy/accurate access to important info that could guide their decision making.

I doubt very much the result would have been any different in the US, UK or any other parts of the world.

Here are my reasons why I believe an accounting expert should offer a financial awareness coaching course to small businesses. If you are an accountant, I’d love to get your opinion [for or against this strategy].

Benefits of Creating your own Digital Financial Awareness Course or Program to help Small Business Owners leverage their financial Situation.

* It expands your reach to give new clients [who can’t afford your services] the opportunity to still work with you. [You’re no longer limited by geographical location].

* Use it as an extension of your main accounting or tax saving services.

* Use it to upsell your high-level services [ by using your course to prepare potential clients and position them in a place to buy your other services]

* Increases your overall revenue and boosts your passive income [Imagine having the ability to set your course or program on autopilot or an evergreen (as in evergreen webinar).. Now You can with your own course/program]

* Allows you to be more selective about the kind of clients you take on to work with and command a premium. [Choosing to work with few premium clients allow you to deliver more quality and impacting result because you’re not spreading yourself too thin].

* Allows you to incorporate what I like to describe as “The Airline Pricing Strategy”. With a digital financial awareness course/program, you can leverage the Tiered pricing module to get clients who currently can’t afford your full accounting services to still work with you, deliver value and cause a total transformation to their businesses. No point leaving money on the table, right?

* Gives you the ability to avoid stress/anxiety in an emergency situation that requires you to step away from your business for a moment.

* Helps you increase the LTV [Lifetime Value] of your client

* Helps you STOP trading time for dollars. You no longer need to be confined to the four walls of a gloomy office. Now you can work from the beach and still be changing and transforming the lives of small business owners and entrepreneurs. #workfromthebeach [#WFTB] lifestyle.

* You become seen as a trusted advisor and a consultant who cares. This makes it easier to offer even more high-ticket courses online as well as offline.

And finally, as one of my mentors nicely said “there’s money flowing all around you… All you need is a structure to capture it”. And I dare you to use a structure that is simple enough to implement, doesn’t rob you of your sanity, health and family time and most importantly still changes the lives of small business owners and entrepreneurs.

And the cool thing about creating and launching a digital course or program is that the above benefits hold true for any niche.

If you’ve read this far, I’m so looking forward to your comment [do you offer a course to your market? If Yes “Thumbs Up”..If no, “what’s stopping you?”😊.]

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