Have you ever wondered how to create & use online financial coaching to get small businesses the opportunity to still work with you even if they can’t afford your accounting & tax services? The awesome news is that this strategy helps accountants free up time and boost revenue.

If you are Ready to close MORE HIGH-TICKET CLIENTS with the right price, Read on! [Work with me and let me help you create and launch your next signature online course].

HR block, Turbo Tax & the “Down The Alley” Account experts are ruining it for you. “Oh well, it’s just a tax prep” It shouldn’t cost more than 200 buck!” Heard that before? Heck! I’ve said that before… cos’ I didn’t know any better. My old accountant never told me! He would just do my tax prep and nothing else!  And I thought he was doing me a favour charging me just peanuts. 

Talk about the “scales falling from my eyes” when I realized he should have told me more about how to boost sales, reduce expenses, increase margins and save more by helping me with tax planning and other things to save me money.. Please don’t get mad at small businesses who don’t know any better…Just like me a few years ago, they probably don’t know and were not taught.


Don’t Just Take Any Action… Instead, Take An Action That Inspires Belief.

How Do You Do That?

Create MASSIVE value to small business owners

-Show them how to turn their services from commodities to outcomes with impact.

Here are just a few ways to score massive points as an expert who deserves a premium pay:

  1. The fundamentals of a business setup and taxes [ Shh- A lot of small Businesses think of these as an after-thought]
  2. How to read and understand the basic four financial statements and interpret what those statements are telling them about their business
  3. Goal setting [ aka Personal budget & Business budget]
  4. Understanding their KPI
  5. And a few more…


Click the link below for a Complete Breakdown Report of How to set a small business or an entrepreneur for success from the beginning so that they can afford your high-level services in record time.

The Accounting Expert

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